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Another question ;)
My #ChineseMoneyPlant is not absorbing water!!! I watered her last night (a lot of water, 1/2 cup) yet this morning my hydrometer said she was dry. What is going on? Should I repot?
Does the soil feel wet to touch if you dig your finger in it?
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Your soil is probably hydrophobic. I would re-pot with a good draining soil and also make sure your put has drainage holes. I only bottom water my Chinese money plant.
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@starfirejem Nope, it feels very dry.
@Sassylimey Thanks, I’ll try that!
I ignore the Greg water amount recommended, I think it’s really misleading and not really backed by any facts, as long as your pot has drainage, you can throughly soak your plant let water run through while gently poking some hole to get the soil not so hydrophobic! Remember root rot comes from water amount but watering frequency cuz out in nature when it rains it pours!!
These like to be bottom watered. I recommend watering from the bottom and letting it soak up as much water as it wants
@BJoyce Thanks!
@BJoyce oooo that’s good to know!

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