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What’s up with my fiddle leaf?
Something isn’t right. We’ve been finding tiny little yellow mushrooms in the soil and as I look more closely I see tiny little white things. Any idea on what I should or shouldn’t do? #FiddleLeafFig
Mushrooms aren’t always bad I think it means the soil is good. I can’t see the white things. Does it oook fuzzy? Like mold?
Mushrooms are a sign of a healthy eco system but continuously getting them combined with visible mold tells me that the soil is staying too moist. Fiddles like a well draining soil. I do half good soil. And then a combo of coco coir and perlite for the other half. They’re very finnicky.
Yeah, I would consider a repot - you might be on your way to root rot if you’re not careful!
Hmmm I agree with the others, hard to say for certain from the picture but your soil looks similar in consistency to when my smaller FLF wouldn't grow and found out it was because his soil was staying too moist. Is that loose soil piles on the top? They remind me of the look of ant piles 🤔
Really helpful y’all. I’d added worm castings to the top, so that’s what you’re seeing there. I hadn’t noticed the white critters before adding. I’ll try to snap a better pic of the critters in question.
Here’s the critter. They’re only visible if I disturb the soil at the surface.
@AshleyK , @AlliesTerrarium @emmybee @BuoyantFord - any ideas what the white thing in the photo above might be? I’m contemplating a repot per your advice but would value your expertise.
The white bug could be a soil mite! It’s kind of hard to tell! Soil mites also aren’t bad just gross lol
Wow those are teeny tiny! Soil mites fit the bill

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