Posted 3w ago by @IdolTrextoes

The leaves got a dark spot and yellow, so what is the cure for that and how should I Taking care of itοΏΌ?
4” pot
Last watered 3 weeks ago
It could be a watering issue. If the soil is too moist and not able to set out between waterings, you can get the yellow spots (that eventually brown). If it's not enough water, the tips can brown.

Dracaena like consistent watering - they don't like to be too wet or too dry. They like to be in between.
If your pot has no drainage, be careful. The water could be sitting st the bottom of the pot. These also are not fans of direct light unless they are acclimated to direct light.
Your plant needs to be put in a bigger pot.Always keep leaves top and bottom slightly moist each time you water
@IdolTrextoes I have to agree with @sarahsalith. It could be a watering issues. Follow her tips and you should see a healthier plant.

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