Posted 1M ago by @SharonH

Yellowing pilea leaves

My pilea has leaves that don’t look healthy. It’s baffling because it’s practically exploding with leaves, new growth, babies… does it need a larger pot?
2ft to light, direct
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 5 days ago
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Hi! It's been a hot minute since I've had a pilea so bare with me. Pileas usually like to fill their pots with roots. I feel like they droop when the pot is too small and the growth gets stunted or doesn't come in at all. Because your plant looks like it is getting enough water (little to no leaf curl, leaves are up, lack of droop, pups in the back, new leaf emerging), I don't think it is a watering issue. I see on the plant card that it does get some direct sunlight and the leaves look a little more brown than yellow to me. I'm guessing that the pilea is getting too much sun and might need to be moved back from the window. Aside from the direct sunlight exposure, it might be a little too dry for the plant and additional humidity might be needed.
It’s just getting too much sun the leaves are telling you by turning red it’s called sun stressed just move back away from high sun
@JocundKingfern thank you! It had seemed to really like this spot for a while so I’m not sure what changed but I’ll definitely try that. Do you think the leaves will recover?
@SunroomJungle thank you, I think you’re right! And from what you’re saying I’ll also leave it in this pot for the time being