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What do I do with the seed pods?

I came home from vacation and found my Baseball with seed pods. When and how do I capture the seeds so that I can try and germinate them? @SirLiquorice @BrainyLithops @RJG #Euphorbia #Propagation #Germination
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You can lightly rubber band cheesecloth around them, but I would wait until they're a bit more developed so they don't snap off early... exciting!
Whoa! I've never gotten this far πŸ€“looking forward to finding out
@RJG at the end of last year I bought a second baseball from a local nursery. I was hoping this one would be female since I already have a male. I got lucky because it is female. My male keeps blooming like crazy. When the female bloomed I put some of the male pollen on the female. Then when I came home from a two week vacation I found these seed pods on the female. I just have no clue what to do now. Since it was suggested that I put some cheese cloth around it I’m assuming that means the pods will open up naturally to release the seeds? @Dustmite
@PurpleSucculent I think explosively from what I've read
@RJG 😲
I've never had obesa seeds, but apparently they rocket out of the fruit as soon as a seam opens! Crazy
You could dab glue on the fruit to keep it closed, but what's the fun in that??
Ahh just saw this all late
The seeds will burst and get lost if you don’t cover them with a cheesecloth bag as mentioned
The Buddha belly plant is the same way. I bought cheese cloth at the local grocery store and used plant ties for holding plants on a trellis or stick to wrap and contain the seeds. If you don’t you won’t find the seeds unless you get lucky
Buddha belly seeds are large too but when the pods explode they go everywhere. You have to contain the seed explosion in a bag. Ziplock bags may also work. Maybe even just cover the entire plant and pot with a plastic dome. You could cut a water jug and put it over maybe?
The sell cheesecloth that cinches into a bag on amazon!

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@HeyLillie that’s perfect! I just ordered some and they will be here tomorrow. Thanks!
@PurpleSucculent, no problem! I love when my amazon shopping obsession comes in handy!
I’m all ready to catch some seeds! 🀣