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Roots!! 🤩
Hey #Greggers so I got this cutting three weeks ago!! This was started from nothing and now it’s giving roots. Can someone please let me know how much longer I should wait before putting it in dirt?
What’s the plant ?
The rule is usually 3 inches of roots before you stick it in dirt.
It’s always safe to use the rule of (wait I can’t remember is it’s 2 or 3 now) but basically once the roots are about 2-3inchea you’re safe. When switching from water to soil you gotta@do it gradually because the roots are used to being super wet so you want to keep the soil moister then normal for a few weeks.
Three roots 3" long, is the rule I'm following for my props 🌱💛
@FeMonet33 the rule of thumb is 2 to 3 inches of roots. If you have that then pot away. Happy growing! @Jilliebeanstalk has them same suggestions as I do.
These the photos I thought I added earlier
@Indoorgreens I attached the picture below. Totally forgot this morning
@KikiGoldblatt don’t we always!?!? Great minds….
@FeMonet33 I agree hun w @ManyLime and @KikiGoldblatt usually it’s 3 inches
@Indoorgreens yes usually but some do it at 2 inches. I do mine at 2 inches and never had a single issue.
@KikiGoldblatt that’s what it usually says but 2 inches is also great n ur an expert so yeah that’s great 😃

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