Posted 4w ago by @WorthyPigfern

How to avoid leaves from turning brown or yellow?

23ft to light, indirect
2” pot
Last watered 1 month ago
@WorthyPigfern Yasmin I do not own this plant but your info card states that it does not have a pot with drainage. If that’s true I would repot as not to over water and keep its roots too wet. πŸ™‚
Hi @courtlykingfern Evelyn, thank you for your tips. Odd that it shows no drainage. My plant card is set to the pot having drainage. As for the plant placement, I place my bird’s nest fern about 7 meters away from the light because I have a large balcony sliding door with bright light entering my living room. I also have a sheer curtain to filter the light. Do you think it needs to be closer to the light? πŸ€”
@WorthyPigfern Yasmin I do indeed and the wonderful thing about the app is if you scroll below your plant info when you click on it it will tell you if you need to pull it closer to light or if it needs to be placed somewhere else along with potting it up. In correct type pot. I think this comes up when it says water it..