Posted 3w ago by @TropicalOKC

Drooping but crispy?

Hi everyone, this is my Chicago hardy fig I got from fast growing trees, it looked like it has doing well until I repotted it the other day. There has been a lot of rain and the soil is close to dry now but was decently wet when I repotted with cactus soil, but the crispy leaves are throwing me off. Leaves seem to be dropping fast now. Please help! #Ficus
Sorry forgot the picture
My ficus from Fast Growing Trees did the same thing. It doesn’t look anything like it did when I received it after repotting. I’m thinking the repotting and handling shocked it. I ended up letting it completely dry out and gradually give it more water. The dropping of leaves has slowed up some after two months but it’s close to bare. Also during this time it produced new leaves, which also dropped. Hope this helped some.
@JauntyMilkmaids thanks for letting me know! I pulled it inside out of the heat and am just gonna baby it for a while I guess.