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Hanging indoor plant identification
My mom wants to hang a plant but doesn’t know which one is the one that she likes. She says it has small leads (like fingertip) and is bright green no flowers. Does anyone know? Also if you have a hanging plant you like, send a pic there might be something she likes. #HappyPlants #HangingPlants #PlantAddict
Could be one of the many "chain/string of" plants, a lot of them have tiny leaves...
Look up string of hearts and string of turtles that may be what she wants
Yeah, I was thinking string of dolphins
So it’s String of pearls!! Haha
Anyone know if that’s a hard plant to take care of?
SOP can be very difficult to keep alive, but they're so pretty! I actually just got my first one about a week ago (:
@Mappylikehappy to be honest, they’re kind of a pain in the butt to keep alive.
@RJG has had really good success with his and his climate is more like yours than mine is so maybe he can make a recommendation on care. Also, string of pearls do flower! They’re just these little white puffs.
Yesss @MeganO mine has a single flower bud on it and I'm so excited for it to bloom!! 🖤
Okay, well then I'm going to send mine to @WickedValkyrie if I don't send mine to go live with @RJG

Y'all are doing GREAT!
😂😂😂 @sarahsalith gimme all da pearls!!

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