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Best way to grow #Tradescantia
So I may have gone a bit overboard with buying cuttings for #tradescantia varieties πŸ˜€

Just spent the morning potting these up into 7.5cm pots and a larger batch into a 10cm. Any tips from the #tradescantiagang on how to keep these babies healthy and happy.

Some are in the kitchen on the table (west facing with blinds), some in my bedroom (west facing with blinds) and some on the top landing window (top of the stairs north facing, no blind but patterned window).
@PlantsbyPav very nice. Love it.

Your Tradescantia prefers bright indirect light to direct light. Insufficient light will cause the foliage to fade. Water your Tradescantia when the top 50%-75% of soil is dry.
@KikiGoldblatt ok perfect. They will be indirect only. I do have a separate zebrina I bought as a plant a few weeks back which is on the kitchen window sill. Should I move it? It's London, we don't get that much direct sun every day. Today is nice though, direct for 2 or 3 hours if we are lucky.
@PlantsbyPav I learned the hard way- these darling plants DO NOT like their soil to dry out. I’ve found they are happiest when you water on a schedule and don’t let the soil dry out to severely
Omg gotta catch 'em all!!!
i think there's also a #TradescantiaTroupe but you are now the unquestioned leader of it. πŸ˜‚
@Vegaroundtheworld really? I'm in tradescantia FB group, and got told to let it dry out and then water. But I specially asked about my Nanouk plant. So not sure if it was for that only. Will keep your comments on board and check regularly for soil moisture/follow Greg of course πŸ˜€
@rjg 😁😁 thanks just joined. I'm no leader just trigger happy when buying cuttings apparently lol
sometimes that's all it takes to be the leader πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ₯³
@RJG 🀣🀣 if there are no takers, I'll do it....give me a month first to prove it though, I'm hoping they double in size by then. Then I'll claim the title. 😁
@PlantsbyPav imma see you in a month πŸ‘€
@PlantsbyPav idk if it’s just me but most of my plants I’ve found don’t folllow typical guidelines. They’re all different and what works for me will work the opposite for someone else’s plant if the same type. Like, one may suggest completely dry soil and fill sun but the plant I have will like partial sun and regular water.

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