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Rescue lucky bamboo
I found this little guy abandoned, I'd love any tips to get him comfortable and clean again! #luckybamboo #rescueplants
He looks like nice plant. Lots of green. Wonder why someone would abandon him. Happy you found him. 😍
Bamboo can either be grown in water or soil. I've had one about 10 years in water and gravel. I'll clean the gravel out once in a while and give it a good rinsing then place the bamboo after checking roots etc. Back in the gravel and distilled water. Tap water isn't good for plants too many chemicals.
Hope this helps. Happy growing πŸƒπŸŒ±πŸŒΏπŸ’›
Hey the twisty ties off let them breath. And clean off roots put in glass with rocks and water and you should be good.
I’m not sure if my suggestion is gonna be that great, but when I took in a bamboo plant like yours in a similar condition to yours, I pulled out the sticks that were brown and slimy (they came off easily) and I cut or pulled off any yellowing leaves and then put it in glass with gravel + clean water (I used tap tho 😬) and it was doing much better after a regular watering rhythm n stuff
I separated mine. They are doing great. My son-in-law gifted me this big one yesterday. Here we go here

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