Posted 1M ago by @UrKillinMeSMLZ

This thing is SO LEGGY and droopy!? But it’s finally growing an offshoot/baby. What do I do with this big long naked looking plant. I recently propped it up with a steak and Velcro because it was just so sad looking
10ft to light, direct
4” pot without drainage
Last watered 3 days ago
Best Answer
Leggy plants are usually looking for light. I would give it more light, then you could try to chop and prop it so it sends energy to the babe instead and you get another plant. That said, you could leave it alone after giving it more light until the pup is a bit bigger, which is what I would do.
@PlantMompy I moved it to brighter light, I’ll start there - thanks for the tip! 💚
You're welcome!

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