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Persephone's leaves have gotten really limp and kind of shriveled. On my other question people said not enough sun and overwatering, so I moved her to the east window and it's only been a day but I'm kind of worried. I'm pretty sure she has gnats too
0ft to light, direct
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 year ago
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The new growth looks hopeful! A north window actually has the least amount of light so it could need more. It definitely looks waterlogged and if it were me I would repot to prevent root rot. The gnats love moist soil so if you repot it'll likely take care of that issue as well
Definitely looks like too much water, is there any part you can take a cutting from just incase. That one brown leaf looks rotten, I'd cut it off, and the one with the browning stem
It does look like there is new growth coming through though so fingers crossed she pulls through !!
Try putting a plastic bag over it and any of the bugs that are in it will come out and die
@PlantMompy ugh I meant east window, idk why I always say north
@PlantMompy when I repot her, should I give her since water afterwards?
Depends on the roots! If it looks like there is a ton of rot I'd hold off but if they look alright then it should be fine! You can water around the outside of the pot and not the middle to try to encourage the roots to go outward, then the water won't go right on the roots, too.
@PlantMompy um, I can kind of pull one of the stems right out of the soil, there's no roots. I'll take a pic in the morning when I repot
Yikes! Ok. Hopefully one has roots!
Roots look pretty rotten. I'd definitely get the plant out of all the soil and see if there are any good roots to repot!
@PlantMompy I didn't see any but I put her in new soil anyways, I'll take the slightest chance she can bounce back😭
@PlantMompy ok so persephone is basically dried up and showing no signs of life EXCEPT there are roots, they're very small and not doing very well, but they weren't there before. I'm at work rn but I will send a pic when I get home. Is there a way for me to maybe accelerate or encourage the root growth more?
Do you have pothos water? That would be the "safest" option. There is a chance you could try diluting rooting hormone and watering it. Maybe even a humidity dome, almost treat it like a prop and not a plant?
@PlantMompy I can try making pothos water since I just got one so we can see how that goes