Posted 2M ago by @CaringOcotillo

What is this white thing? his leaves are falling 😒

4” pot with drainage
Last watered 5 months ago
Looks like a pest, but it’s hard to see in that picture. Can you post another picture closer up?
@CaringOcotillo It’s not quite clear in the photo, but my first instinct is it’s a mealy bug (small, fuzzy, almost chalk like). You’ll want to treat for that all over as soon as possible.
@CaringOcotillo I believe this is pest infestation. @snowtrooper mentioned mealy bugs, I think that looks similar to what you’ve got. I would spay the plant off with water outside or in the shower, and then let dry and spray with neem oil.
@CaringOcotillo Word of caution on neem oil and succulents. Some succulents can be VERY sensitive to oils applied in a spray on them. Many have lost their entire succulent due to a bad reaction. Neem is fantastic 97% of the time, but that 3% will bring you nights of crying and drinking alone. @nellz4estfairyz Has a good recommendation to start with and that’s spraying it down with water. You can also take a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol and get the buggers directly. And then just keep an eye out for the next week or two and get any you see until they are whipped out.
@CaringOcotillo If you’re ever bored, curl up with a bottle of wine - sorry, GLASS of wine and enjoy this article: bugs-on-elephant-bush/" target="_blank">