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How to help it?
I've had this Calkins Gold Philodendron since July. During the time it's been here, it just isn't doing well. You can see how beautiful she was when I received her. The leader eventually rotted, so I had to cut it. What should I do to get it growing again? The new leaf is flimsy, and I just don't know what to do. Should I remove the leaf to stimulate growth? Thanks in advance.
5ft to light, indirect
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 7 hours ago
Best Answer
These! And maybe make some clean cuts on the stem
Has it really been 9 days since you watered it? If so, I’d say it’s just thirsty. But the soil doesn’t look dry.
Oh no 😭😭 remove the oldest leaves and fertilize it! How much light is it getting
@jcPlantProperi have it by an east-facing window. It gets morning sun. Formerly, it was by a west-facing one. I thought it just needed more light,bit it didn't seem to change either way. I'll make the cuts and see. Thanks!
@kinleycote oh no. I have watered since then. Sometimes, the slider system is accidentally triggered while I'm scrolling and sleeps plants i mean to water. I must have forgotten to correct it.

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