Posted 3w ago by @ABCD

#GregGang Help Needed
A while ago I took a cutting from my Swiss Cheese Vine because it was getting leggy from growing too much along one vine.

Now the cutting is in a dormant state, it’s not growing and not dying. Anyone know how to boost root growth? (I’m afraid that I didn’t wait for the leaves to unfurl and now it’s struggling to get light)
4ft to light, direct
2” pot without drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
As long as it's staying green you good!
@RJG It’ll just be slow growth?
I have an 💡! There’s another node near the top and I could split it into two cuttings
@ABCD normally once the roots appear they grow really fast, it's a waiting game until then
@RJG is right- I had a FLF stick in water for months and all of a sudden - BOOM! Roots AND a leaf!
Give it some more time. 😊

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