Posted 1M ago by @StandupShamrock

Why are my green leaves falling off?

4ft to light, indirect
11” pot
Last watered 1 month ago
@StandupShamrock I don’t own one of these I almost bought one, yesterday I was researching something and I came across this company who specialize in plant care products specifically for this plant type and a book you may be interested in for this issue.
I actually been giving it this. Dont see much result.
I do have one of these fiddle leaf figs and I’m still learning the best way to care for him.
In my experience they’re a little bit dramatic. Any change: light, water, move from one room to another, can so cause mine to drop leaves. So, as long as you’re consistent with proper watering, he has drainage, and lots of light, I’d say you’re doing a good job. They love bright light, so make sure it’s in a good spot. Sometimes they just throw off leaves because of minute changes. It can be frustrating to know if you’re caring for it properly. If there’s new growth, that’s the sign you want to see.
Oh it shows you just got him?? (Or just put him in the app?) When I got mine it dropped a LOT of its leaves as going from the store to my house is a major change in everything. That could be the reason too.

And I’d get him a pot with drainage for sure, super important!
I had him for about a year, yes, I agree. It probably needs to pot with drainage. It definitely doesn’t have one.