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I don’t even know what to do with this plant, please help!
I don’t know how it started growing like this, but it did and now it’s hanging off a shelf and looks like it would be much happier if it were in a different position. Would propagating and replanting help? There are still little new growths coming in very gradually, so it’s not dead, it just needs new life. Also I think I need to move it to a different spot in my apartment, any suggestions on where would be best? Thank you in advance for your help, I want to give this sweet plant a fresh start!
Cutting and propagating it would probably work well. I had one like this that had gotten really leggy with leaves just on the end. I put it in bright light, started being more careful with watering (they don’t like to get really dry), and giving it a tropical plant food and it started regrowing leaves along the stem.
Definitely cut and propagate. Put the rooted cuttings in the pot to make it look fuller. 🥰
@bluebladeliger Thank you!
@Pegster Thanks so much!

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