Posted 1Y ago by @FunnySnowpeas

It’s brown at the bottom

14” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 year ago
@planthoe40 thanks for the tag! 🌿
@FunnySnowpeas Ryan, welcome to Greg! You muscosa will most likely turn brown at the bottom when the soil isn’t drying out enough. Check your soil type and watering habits. In a very fast draining, loose soil, this plant will be a very deep green and the bottom will be green while it erupts from the soil. The brown is telling you that it’s roots are suffocating. You also want to check the roots for disease or clumping soil. Please make sure you have enough light for it otherwise it may turn begin to brown and decline. Mine does extremely well in coarse, lose gritty soil that is a mix of 50% volcanic stone and 50% cactus soil. I’d start with the soil and go from there. Good luck and Happy Growing! 🌿
Check for root rot!! When plants turn brown at the bottom it is a sign leading to or following root rot.