Posted 2Y ago by @JenngerSnap08

Turning brown

Tree-Ana was nice and green when I purchased her, but she is now turning brown from the bottom up. What can I do to save her?
3ft to light, indirect
6ā€ pot with drainage
Last watered 1 year ago
Rosemary wants full sun all the time. It's not an easy houseplant unless you have a sun room or grow lights.
Iā€™m not an authority on this but Iā€™d try new soil new pot and sunlight. Also cut off dead pieces and talk your baby! Lol
@ChrisRoch thank you! I have a sky light in the room. I will make sure I put it underneath that.
@user931601c6 Thank you. I was thinking I might need a new pot for it and I will put it under the sky light