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Green Prayer Plant
Hello! Any thoughts on this one yellow leaf? It’s strong (not dead when I attempted to pull it). Should I cut it off? New to plant parenting :-)
Yellowing younger leaves are totally normal as long as the rest of the plant is healthy! I like to leave them till they easily pull away so the plant can reabsorb nutrients and water from the dying leaf! Or you can chop it ether way it won’t damage the plant
I would go ahead and cut it off as it’s nearly fully yellow and will not revert back to its original green state. This will allow the plant to focus energy on new growth instead!
Hi!!! I’d cut it off. Once it’s gone yellow, it won’t come back. It’ll help the plant focus on the green leaves! It’s beautiful!! 😍
Thank you for the advice! Proud Mary seems healthy overall, so a little snip seems reasonable. :-)
Yes, a little snip is good. Your prayer plant is very nice. Welcome to Greg. 💚
Great advice here! Make sure to select “Best Answer” to help others with the same question! 😊🌿 @teacher12

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