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How short of a haircut should we go?

Penny here needs a haircut. She’s got an 80s mullet vibe going on and we just can’t have that. She’s also blocking light from plants below her, and needs to stop overshadowing them.

I want her to be more bushy on the top of the pot and/or base of the plant. I will also be trying to keep her growth just lower than the bottom of the pot, to make sure she’s not blocking light from others. Where should I trim her at? The bottom/pink line is where I’m thinking for regular maintenance hair cuts. I’m assuming the top/blue line will help with the fullness at the base of the plant. Since I want more fullness, I’m thinking I should do this haircut at the blue/top line.

If there’s a better placement for where to cut please let me know.

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4ft to light, indirect
8” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
Two inches below the red line
@PlantJedi and that’ll make the top more bushy? I thought where the cut was made is where it would have the new growth at the node just behind it.
@VerdantFlora less advice… more having fun. Sorry πŸ˜‚β€¦
@PlantJedi At least that’s how I understood what I found in Google.

I suppose I should just do whatever and see what happens. I’m just a perfectionist and don’t like doing it wrong. Lol
@VerdantFlora but… based on what you want, I think the blue line is what you want. Prop the cuttings and sell or giveaway. If you cut at the pink line… it’s going to grow Wilder from that point. Like you said… You want a full top and a new drop.
@PlantJedi yeah, I’m wanting her more bushy like this one, Rapunzel.

Do you know where/how to sell them? I generally don’t do a lot of social media which means I don’t even know where begin.
@VerdantFlora Facebook Market place is the easiest advice to give. It’ll be local and someone usually bites within the first 72 hours from my experience.
@VerdantFlora I fully believe in the mullet 😊. That said they are super easy to prop. I propped a long stem off of Lola here in water until the roots got about 1 1/2 inches and then planted them back in her pot and that’s how I got her bushier up top
@PoisedAlbo well Penny here was my first β€˜leafy’ plant (non succulent). We had a little bit of a journey together to figure some things out. And with that she has a bunch of vines that are bare in the middle while I was learning. And now has full vines after that, which gives her the mullet.
Wow πŸ‘Œ
What beautiful, healthy plants!
@VerdantFlora I have one exactly like that so I understand exactly what you’re going through 😊
@CutePolypremum thank you 😊
@VerdantFlora she’s is still a beautiful plant
@VerdantFlora at the red line and the cutting just add back in or make another arrangement πŸ€—
come on, don't you know mullets are making a comeback? technically she's just being fashionable
Love this post! πŸͺ΄πŸƒKeep us updated!
@VerdantFlora I think you should do it on a vine by Vine basis. Cut it below the last leaf before the bare places start. That'll give you plenty of nodes to root in water and put back in the pot to make it fuller. Just a πŸ€”
@Lifeis2short i’m with you on this one
I love that you added the mullet pic for reference! ☺️ I would prop and put some back in the pot so they can help get bushy.
@VerdantFlora Sami, I think your best bet is to cut whatever you want from the vines, a couple inches or more, put them in some water to develop some roots, then replant in the pot. That will get the main plant more bushy and there will be fewer vines.
I put Big Mama in a huge pot and berried the vine instead of cutting . It’s still a work in progress for her ! Rooting the cuttings is the best route .