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Cutting Help!
I just ordered some cuttings off of Etsy and they all came as expected except for this little one. I received two leaves with a stem but no nodes or anything. I read up on it because I was unsure what to do and it said to stick them in soil. Would that be correct? I have “cutting” soil that I bought to start seeds for my garden and it’s worked great for that purpose, so I did put her in that soil in a small pot. Does this seem right? Anything different/else I should do? Thanks!! #Peperomia
2” pot
Last watered 3 days ago
I've rooted peperomia leaves in water. There's something about being able to watch them root that makes me feel better. Let me see if I can find my original picture of the plant.
Does the cutting have roots? If it’s a rooted cutting then you can plant straight into soil.
This is what mine looked like after I rooted the leaf in water. I think that way will give your plant the best chance.
@sarahsalith that’s what I’m having trouble with regarding the dirt is it also makes me feel better seeing the cutting! No roots at all, just the leaves. So I will remove it from the dirt then and try the water! Thanks so much 😊

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