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Please could anyone advise on this tree as I think it’s d...

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Hi Steve, it looks like you have a number of possible issues. The first may be blight. This is an issue with most true evergreens in warm and humid environments that don’t have enough airflow. One thing you can do is get GardenPhos and apply it to try to save it. Also, if it’s truly worth saving and you don’t mind making the investment, an application of beneficial nematodes every February or March will help and another application every September and October will help with controlling any nuisance carriers of bacteria that land on its branches. Sometimes, your plant needs a little more room to grow around its roots since they tend to have a fairly complex root system that is dense and maybe giving it a few sips of water more often could help it return. Most juniper goes through this so you aren’t alone. Believe that since I have two arborvitae that are in shade and being nursed back to health along with two carpet juniper. One final thing I suggest is to look at the sun’s trajectory. Sometimes, the sun is reflecting off other surfaces and redirected as a concentrated ray into specific areas of the garden causing advanced burn that we don’t catch until it’s too late. These areas need watering much more frequently and sometimes, a shade cloth for protection.
@AnthuriumQueen thank You so much for your help and advice