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I know these are super sensitive and loose the petals very easily but dang I can Eve pick it up from the bottom and move it without it sounding like rain all around me. What’s wrong? #HappyPlants #Cotyledon #SucculentSquad
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 8 months ago
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It looks really scarce in the center, probably cause they are all falling off, but it seems like maybe it was over watered before OR it needs a bigger pot. I know I had one looks like that when I over watered it bc unlike other succulents it's hard for me to tell I've over watered these until a lot of the base and center are dead. You should check and see just how many Stems are actually alive bc they will still stay intact if then stem is dead (for the most part). I just had to do the same for one of mine I left out in the rain a couple days. Basically I had to chop and prop the entire thing
Maybe because you watered it 26 days ago?
Try giving it a consistent watering schedule, maybe that will help.