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Pruning help
I saved a couple of these from a compost pile, but they’re really leggy and need some pruning. Anyone know how well these tolerate pinching back to keep them wide instead of tall? They almost to the point where they tip over the pot. #Kalanchoe
5” pot with drainage
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Ooohhh she got legs!!! Well, you can go real severe or safe. Your call. Either cut back a few and see how it does with that or go full chop. The great thing about these babes is that they propagate easily too. You can put the cuttings back in the soil which will help make it look fuller as they grow too. You can also repot it in a deeper pot so you cover up more of the stem. Eventually, it'll send up shoots from the lower nodes which will fill it in too. Lots of options with these ones.
They tolerate it very well. I just had to trim all of mine because they were just going crazy.
Any tips on how far to pinch back? Some of the stalks are 9”, with leaves in the top third or so.
@PiousAlfalfa Can you post a picture?
Here it is. I need to turn it to even it out a bit.
I love that idea of repotting in a deeper pot. It’s putting out root starts at the joints so that makes most sense to me. We’ll see how it goes. Thanks!
@PiousAlfalfa I would probably do the same. If it's pushing out roots now, it'll fill out really fast.

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