Posted 2M ago by @Pielewop

Trimming a dragon tree to branch

I have a brother and sister dragon tree in a large pot. The big brother is getting large enough to where I’d like to cut it so it will branch. I’ve owned a dragon tree in a distant past that branched three ways at one cut-back. But that was store-bought. Does anyone have experience cutting back a dragon tree? How do I ensure it will branch multiple branches at the point of cutting? Does it always work? I want to make sure, because cutting it will likely rob it of all its leaves! Any and all advise is welcome!
0ft to light, direct
10” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 days ago
Cut back the main stem to the desired height, just above a leaf node. This encourages the Dragon Tree to branch out, leading to a fuller appearance. Remember, sharp and clean tools are a must to prevent disease. Thank you! Do you have experience doing this? Will it branch multiple branches?