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Tips for Spotted Begonia care
Hi I'm new to using Greg but I was wondering anyone could give me some advice on plant care for spotted begonias.

I was shopping the other day and came across this spotted begonia that looked in a state, it was drenched in water and the top layer of soil looked to have a thin layer of mould growing. On top of that a lot of the leaves look like they've been through some stuff.

I've never had a begonia before but thought I'd try and give it a second chance. I've taken it out of the soil checked for any rot or issues and it seems fine. It's been put in a well draining pot with new soil but I'm unsure if I should prune some of the burnt or damaged leaves. Any advice is very welcome 😊🌱
make sure it’s getting a good amount of bright, indirect light, and let the soil dry out 75% before watering and make sure it has well-draining soil. they also enjoy humidity! the plant is not too difficult and will thrive in its new environment, good luck!
i would prune away the leaves that look mostly dead so the plant won’t waste energy trying to keep them alive!
Begonias are so much fun! Mine seem to love a soil mix of coco coir, pumice, activated charcoal, and worm castings. One of my favorite things to do is check mine every morning for new leaves!
I have mine in terracotta pots under a grow light at 65% humidity. I always check the first two inches of soil first, but they seem to always need a good watering once a week. If you give them a stick for support, they’ll grow nice and tall!
Perfect, thanks for the advice guys. Just couldn't leave it in the mess I found it. So hopefully come spring I'll start seeing some growth 😊

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