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Can everyone post their pets with their plants?
Let’s get a thread of Greg pets going! #PetsOfGreg
My cat Mosaia and some of my plants
omg someone remind me when i get home tomorrow.
My pet dogs on the top lol I know there not real but I think there cute I have 3 plants in the back of it
Luke loves to pose. The others not so much πŸ˜‚
@Jyondo omg hello I love Luke
Laszlo and the plants enjoying some sun πŸ€™
@ZacharyB Laszlo looks like he’s yelling at the pawparrazi to leave him alone 🀣
This is Bracken (brown tabby), and his brother Itzal (black). I have a crested gecko, Ember, who lives in a bioactive vivarium, but she’s currently hunkered down in an insulated spot due to winter storm. I’ll try to get a photo of her in her vivarium tomorrow!
Harley 🐼 and Tequila 🐯. I love this thread!
@BoozyBillsBabe he’s the best boy πŸ₯°
@ESylvanus Omgsh hello beautiful kitty babies!
Forest, the Weimaraner! Aka The Destructor.
Bart hates to have his picture taken except when I am photographing plants. Then he wants to be the star of the show!
This is my favorite shrimp, she’s a big momma Amano Shrimp and she’s always working hard to keep my aquatic plants free of algae. Here she is cleaning up a leaf of Anubias Nana πŸ₯°
This is the best I could find. The rest are kind of out of reach πŸ˜…
My handsome boy RoscoeπŸ₯°
This is Pearl. She is sometimes naughty! Witness her handiwork. I love her though!
Very handsome and he knows it.
I still laugh at the first picture because I was trying to take a photo of what I had delivered. She didn't like that...walked over and then plonked right behind them and had THIS look on her face 🀣
Cozy likes to survey the plants and hide under them as she pretends to be a jungle cat! Except for an occasional batting of the leaves, she enjoys the plants and lets them be. πŸͺ΄ 🐈
@BoozyBillsBabe what a beautiful Corgi ❀️❀️
@BoozyBillsBabe beautiful 😍 view. Love it!
Kitty’s favorite room
Storm πŸ• she loves napping on the couch #PetsOfGreg
My two girls and their two personalities πŸ˜†
and one I just love from the summer β˜€οΈπŸ’–πŸͺ΄πŸ•
@KikisOasis yes! She is gorgeous but feisty and definitely keeps her older brother on his toes
she fell asleep on her rubber chicken πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί
I would but my plants are my pets. Probably have around 80 cacti and succulents along with some others already. It’s getting to be enough work to take care of them all properly already. Lol. The app keeps crashing so I can even add them all
@ZestfullyDwarf that looks nice
@ZacharyB Lazlo looks cool
@Gathererofnutsandodballs lol. He just wants all the attention. Cant let the plants take it all
@FallenCitrus that’s cool. That’s a very useful friend to have
@Dezibynature lol. That’s a really funny pic
@Turkey that’s a good name. He looks so happy
@SirLiquorice so true! It’s not like he gets all the attention 90% of the time! 🀣
@raquelitaque lol yeah I have had issues with the local stray cats with wanting to knock plants over and such. But the kittens are too adorable to stay mad at.
She looks very wise
@Shayebriannah those pics are way too good. Lol
@Mossflowerwoods that’s a cool hanging plant setup. Haven’t seen one exactly like that before
@motherofplants lol just hanging off the bed
this is Mia,i don't have a pic of her with my plant tho,cuz her death is what made me more interested in plants
@BoozyBillsBabe lol the dogs I know here in Texas run inside as quickly as possible if there is ever snow. Which is almost never except for last winter.
this is her last litter whome we had to feed KMR...
@MeganO So cute love the bow tie!!!
Jules and JuJu they do not go near my plants oddly enough they prefer chewing on electronics and looking out the window.
@Plantbasedzoophilist They’re beautiful!!
They look like bookends and like posing. That’s Jaspers holly sprig pinned to the bulletin board he enjoys pulling it off so I can put it back. Jules is showing you the trees he surveys every day.
@ESylvanus Gorgeous babies!!
@ZacharyB what a sweet kitty and a great view.
@Jyondo Sweet furry babies love cats!!
@raquelitaque maybe she’s an interior decorator reincarnated she was trying to rearrange things.
@KikisOasis Agreed!
Bubu the guinea pig with my mini plant corner πŸͺ΄ #PetsOfGreg
@JuJuBeans They’re so beautiful!! Love those little faces! πŸ₯°
@BoozyBillsBabe I caught Stella one day by accident when I was taking updated pics of my plants.
ollie loves the catgrass we plant for him!
@JuJuBeans my cat chews on the oddest things. She loves Q-tips. Lol. I find them everywhere πŸ˜‚ and she chews on boxes.
@ESylvanus thank you they keep me going sometimes and I’m grateful to have them, both are rescues.
@KikisOasis very candid!
@KikisOasis Juju chomps on box corners too. With the added benefit of his alarm clock function like right now.
Luv ur plantpeeps
Shayna 🐢
Sable 🐍
@Turkey I LOVE HIM
This is Ember
Late to the party!

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