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Light conditions for a rubber tree, and a leaf spot quest...

Hi all,
New plant owner here and I’ve had trouble finding answers to some of the conditions for a variegated rubber tree I bought a few weeks back. He’s been doing alright; he dropped a lower bottom leaf a couple of weeks ago, but a younger leaf at the top has been growing steadily. What I’m wondering about is the light. I have a northwest-facing window that he is right next to, and blinds that I can turn up and down. Most days I pull the blinds up to let the only thing between the sun and the tree be the window, as well as a large tree that filters about half (?) of the window. I have seen some people saying that rubber plants not only can handle a lot of direct light, but love to have more light. Can a northwest facing window in zone 7b give bright, indirect light, or is it direct light, when the blinds are up? Do I need a grow light because of my window angle? Any help would be greatly appreciated! I am also wondering about a couple of brown spots that have formed on the edges of one of the leafs. I’m thinking it’s a fungus, it doesn’t look like sunburn or anything. I am going to try and treat that; can I also cut the spots off of the leaves? I believe I need to leave a line of brown so as to not spread infection to live tissue, but I haven’t seen that directly related to edge spots. So any information about that, too, would be great. Thank you so much for reading the worries of a new plant owner! :)
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Hi! With that window and a tree shading it I would definitely get a grow light for it. Ficuses like to get a lot of light-- I live further north than 7b, but mine very much liked my west-facing window and a grow light nearby. The brown spots are harder to diagnose, but the edges dying off make it seem like it may very well be due to overwatering-- because plants that aren't getting a lot of light don't need as much water as plants that do. You're correct; it should be fine to cut the brown spots off as long as you don't cut into the living part of the leaf, and may even be helpful to see if the spots are spreading/growing. Good luck and happy growing!
@medici Thank you so much for the reply! I will get a grow light then hopefully to help it out. I believe I may have overwatered because I didn’t check for soil dryness (learning as I go, haha) so that’s certainly a possible cause. I’ll keep an eye on it. Thank you!