Posted 10M ago by @HipDeerfern

I was given a purple shamrock that was droopy and very mu...

10” pot with drainage
Last watered 10 months ago
I’d put it in some new dirt and continuing watering! These plants love water and are so dramatic when dry
They love the light too!! A day in the sun will help dry it out
Only water when the soil is dry, and make sure you take the pot out of the cache-pot to water and let the water fully drain out before you put it back. That will prevent over-watering. They do love a lot of light.
I let the soil dry between watering. I've thought that I killed it twice (forgot to water before vacations), but even if all the shamrock are basically gone I just keep it under a timed grow light and it bounces back stronger than before in like 2 weeks. Super resilient plant as long as the root bulb is healthy.
Also make sure the pot isn’t too large. About in inch or so farther than the root ball. Mine began struggling because the pot was twice the size it should have been.