Posted 2Y ago by @PlantzRLife55

Is it OK to cut these off?οΏΌ

6” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
The flowers are so pretty
Yes! also your plant looks super happy!
@GardeningDiva they are pretty but the stem is so long and I have so many plants that it gets tangled :(οΏΌ
Yes you can trim back the flower’s shame but I understand I do it with my poisonous plants because of my fur babies
Don’t you like them? They are so pretty! You can trim , no problem.
You could I think it makes the plant look different οΏΌ
yeah sure! it’d probably let the plant put more energy into growing leaves too :)
Yes you can. It often taxes the growth of the mother plant. That’s a Black knight btw
Yes but such a beautiful plant