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Advice on propagation for bunny ears need. There is a new ear growing directly behind the tallest bunny head and I think I’d like to start another bunny so the new growth can come in tall and straight. Thoughts?…
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My #Tumbles dropped a pad when I had repotted him, and just out of curiosity, I literally placed the little cactus pad in soil and just let it settle! I placed it under a grow light after 3 weeks on a East windowsill with 5-6 hours of sunlight, and look at it now!

I water it every 2 weeks and it started to sprout little buds! Just be patient, but propagating #BunnyEarsCactus is the EASIEST thing to do! Just make sure your soil has excellent drainage to avoid any rot!

Good luck and happy growing! πŸ€—πŸŒ΅πŸ’•

-Expert πŸ˜‰ at propagating Bunny Ear 🌡🀭
I think that would be great! Just try doing some research on products for propagating cacti. I’ve never had a bunny ear cactus and You don’t know if you can cut them and put them straight in dirt or if you need a product. A quick Google search will help you find products in you need them. Hope this helps! 🐰
I'm willing to bet you could just cut a piece off, let it scab over and plant it. Cacti don't have special products like rooting hormone in the wild... (;
But also I just wanted to say that little tiny baby growing out the side is so stinkin cute!
Here you go
My research found that they break off pretty easily and propagate like other cuttings. In the wild, they break off when brushed by animals and just start regrowing pretty easy. I guess I’m wanting more feedback from someone who’s done this and wondering if now is the best time or should I wait until the new growth is coming in?
@WickedValkyrie 😍 I know
I've never done it, personally, but it looks big enough to handle it.(: Most of the time if you propagate a piece of a plant that currently has new growth on it, the new growth will be aborted(not always tho). So I'd take the chance and break one off (:
@kscape so cute! Thx!
@WickedValkyrie i did it! Fingers crossed 🀞 thx

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