Posted 2M ago by @NovelIrishmoss

Can it be planted outside?

5ft to light, direct
12” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 months ago
From what I know of cacti they love full sunlight! Though in WA I’m not too sure about the colder climate being good for them.
Hello Rochelle ☺️ Drake would be perfectly happy outdoors as long as you thoroughly prepare the environment you’re planning on putting him in (dig his hole an additional 10 - 15cm wider and deeper than his current diameter and condition the entire area with either a cacti and succulent specific soil mix or a blend of one part sphagnum or peat moss and one part small rocks or pebbles to every part regular potting soil to ensure he has adequate drainage as he establishes in his new environment. Padding this mixture in around him after planting is ideal too so his root system has immediate access to the nutrients he’ll need to help him acclimate), that he remains within his temperature range requirements (generally between an absolute minimum of 50 - 70 degrees fahrenheit / 10 - 21 degrees celsius in the cooler months and a maximum of 70 - 100 degrees fahrenheit / 21 - 38 degrees celsius in the warmer months) and is able to get consistent full sun where he is. I hope this helps and that Drake is able to thrive as a gorgeous addition to your outdoor garden 🌡✨