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My Monstera Deliciosa cutting keeps getting root rot
I have these 3 small cuttings of a Monstera that I propagated in water and then planted in airy soil 2 months ago. Every time a root ends up poking at the bottom of the containers it rots in the next week or 2. Already happened 3 times. I water only when the soil is completely dry since the first accident, and I take great care to dump all excess water after watering. The roots are bright white and fluffy when they appear at the bottom, grow 2-3 cm, start being beige then brown then black. What am I doing wrong? #Monstera
2ft to light, direct
2” pot with drainage
Last watered 3 hours ago
That is so strange! @babyfiretiger13 you’re a Monstera Master
My guess is that it has to do with it being out of the hole and not in the soil. I wouldn’t worry about it to much as long as it’s not spreading and the root/roots that you can see in the soil through the whole look white and healthy. If your having a lot of roots growing out the bottom holes you might want to repot them.
Sometimes when a root is sitting on the bottom like that, it is sitting in moisture that can lead to root rot. I’d try to make sure that after waterings it isn’t sitting in a damp tray!
@ABCD I’m hardly a monstera master lol but thanks! ☺️ @Happy I would just try to give it some more time! Let the soil dry out, give it bright indirect light and keep doing what you’re doing! I propped mine and kind of half - assd it, with basically neglect it is a happy, healthy new plant! I water propped mine too and have my main monstera in a south facing window. That new plant is in an east facing window. They are both doing great. I use a moisture meter to check the soil on mine and actually drill extra holes than what the nursery pots have for better drainage. It may be taking to long to dry out and those roots are staying too damp for too long.
@Happy good luck! I really do hope you have success soon! 🙂
Thank you for your answers! I finally decided to unpot it and yeah, 2 thirds of the root system was rotten 😢 I think it's because of the see through pot and algae build up directly on the roots that lead to the rotting. Now Kevin is back in new, fresh soil and opaque pot. I hope he can pull through this!

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