Posted 1M ago by @SacredLungwort

It has yellow leaves 🙁

I got this plant on 27.04 of april with all the blooms (see pictures and plant card).
Around the same time I got the Greg app to take care of it - my first plant gift and want to take care of it.
Have watered it with 111 ml water and have given it fertilizer at the appropriate space times that the app suggests.... But still it's trying to give up on me. ðŸĨē

Before watering last time, felt the ground in pod - it was almost dry.

Am I still over watering it even with the app or should I replant it and hope it makes it better?

Hope someone can give me some advice! 🙏
2ft to light, direct
4” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 weeks ago
Hi, Helga! Does you plant sit in water that has collected in the bottom of the red pot? When I water mine, I water it deeply until water comes out of the bottom of the pot.

The flower don't last long but they smell AMAZING.

It needs lots of bright indirect light to keep the leaves healthy.

How dry is your soil now? The plants looks severely underwatered.

I'm glad you found Greg!
@sarahsalith No. I water it over the sink - let it drip out befor putting it back in red pot.
The soil is moist now.

I will switch it to indirect light - at the moment it has for few hours direct light. 👍
Okay, maybe the light change will help. Mine has always done well in an east facing window. I'm in the southern US.
It gets east light and then indirect light all day.