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Plz re-alive yourself πŸ˜“

Received a peperomia last week and she did not enjoy her trip (even though she was packaged with very good care) I tried to let her acclimate and let the soil dry out because she was drenched when I unwrapped her but after a week she was still very soggy and the two leaves on the side became very floppy/flimsy….I was so excited for her and absolutely love peperomia so I’m hoping this repot will help her leaves/stems strengthen back up 🀞🏻not sure if I should just chop them off or not 😭 #HappyPlants #Peperomia #PlantsMakePeopleHappy #PlantTherapy #RootRot #GrowLights #PlantAddict
@Lottaluv4plants Hi Kimberly, if the leaves are still green, they are still producing energy but if they turn brown then their energy producing days are over. Hope this helps answer your question.All the best
@Lottaluv4plants Hi! Maybe you can prop a couple of the stems, just in case?
@Seymour thank you! That eases me a little 😁
@SunnyPlants will they water propagate well ? I debated about doing that with these two but I didn’t know if I should hold off or not
@Lottaluv4plants you may have an issue with watering so here's a helpful diagram
I propagated my peperomia by water prop and both were successful. Do a stem cutting. I’ve read that the leaf prop isn’t as effective. GL! 😊🌱
Are they in a pot with drainage? Perhaps once the soil is dryer you can repot to a pot with drainage so it won’t stay soggy for so long
I got a peperomia in the incorrect soil from a vendor. I’m trying to revive him but will likely prop today. I repotted into succulent/cacti mix and unglazed terracotta 2 weeks ago and it’s still slowly wilting. 😭