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Bearpaw lost a paw!?

Hey guys, I've had Berrie the bearpaw cactus for a few months now, and he was doing well until a couple days ago when a big paw fell off :(. The paw that fell seemed slightly more yellow/ shriveled than the healthy ones still on him. He hadn't had any paws fall off since my friend initially got him at which point a few paws fell off presumably from the stress of shipping/repotting. I was wondering if you guys know why a paw would randomly fall. I didn't move or bump the plant at all, and I am not overwatering (soil is dry past second knuckle on finger before I water him). Any advice would be appreciated! I don't want him to lose more paws as he is already a bit leggy from those he lost from moving. Also, if you guys have tips on pruning/ making a fuller, happier bearpaw they would be greatly appreciated! Thanks :) #bearpaw #succulents #cactusclique #succulentsquad #succulentlove
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
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It looks good! Maybe it was just finished with the other leaf. Maybe the other leaf got damaged somehow.

It's better to underwater these guys than overwater. overwatering can cause the older leaves to yellow and drop. I'm not saying YOU'RE overwatering, I'm suggesting that the soil might be holding on to a lot of water.

My succs and cacti are in a soil with lots of perlite and some sand to guarantee that the water drains out well and quickly.
Hi, Emory! I'm glad you found Greg!

Those little succs LOVE lots of light. If they don't get enough light, they can become leggy and lose paws.

Do you have a current picture you can post? (:
@sarahsalith I took this picture earlier today
@sarahsalith I think I might change the soil soon because my friend gave him to me, and I think he's in normal potting soil. Also, it might have been a sun issue because I had to move him to a less sunny part of the house to clean, so I'll make sure the lighting is better. Thank you so much for your help!
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Let's hope the guide help, after all hiw muchbcan you plant bear 🐻 losing its 🐾 leaves? The video might be good if you can grin and ...yes, you guessed it...bear 🐻 it!,light%20level%20is%20too%20low.
@Seymour Haha, that is so crazy to read. I will definitely check out those resources. Thank you!!! :) I have been 🐿ing away due to exams!
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