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Root bound

I got my echeveria about a month ago and am just now repotting it (procrastinating) and it is completely root bound, it came in a big pot but I wonder if it was in a much smaller one for too long,any tips on what to do???? #SucculentSquad #Echeveria #help
4ft to light, direct
4” pot without drainage
Last watered 3 months ago
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This looks like one of those mesh-things they put around the roots sometimes πŸ˜– It suffocates the roots. Cut and remove the mesh carefully and try to find and not hurt the roots that are inside.
Untangle the roots as much as you can without breaking the main roots. Pot in something only an inch or a bit more larger than the root ball. Wait a few days to water ☺️
@GnarlyJacaranda how do I untangle them?
Hey spot on with @MockingJay theres a net around it, is it not plastic hard to tell from the picture. But yes cut it off. Then look at the roots but i think depending on the pot that maybe to big you want it to be about an inch bigger than the plant/roots now.
To untangle them you can gently tease the roots with your hands to loosen them. If its all dry and hard to loosen then let it soak in some water for a few minutes to wetten it and try again.
I’ve used very thin tweezers or the tip of something small like a chopstick to tease it out. Patience is key
I helped a friend of mine repot her succulents last week & she was mentioning how 2 just don’t want to grow & thrive, well those poor things had a mesh net too & was stuck in it for over a year!! .. let me just say you & your plant will appreciate taking that off cause hers are now exploding! Good luck friend, & post progress pictures for us 😁