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Syngonium podophyllum has spots after trimming a few week...

My white arrowhead baby was the picture of health a few weeks ago but then I trimmed off an annoying leggy piece of her and a week later I started seeing these spots. Are these pests? Leaf spot disease? Sun stress? Trauma from losing a limb? spider mites return without any other signs? I did treat her a few times with alcohol/dish soap/water concoction a couple months ago after finding some webs and wiped each leaf down and haven't seen signs since. Help! #Syngonium #help
1ft to light, direct
8” pot without drainage
Last watered 5 days ago
Well, I'll give you an example: how would you have felt if somebody cut off your hand or your foot? Would you have felt strong and healthy? Nooooo, right?
It's similar with a plant. You cut off leaves. So you cut off plant's resources and you made the plant weak and sick.
My guess would be the air is either too dry, or it’s not receiving enough water. But please see what others advise.. as well
@LikelyEdelweiss You indicated β€œspots β€œ but what color are they?? Different colors could indicate different problems, one would need more info, for a better diagnosis!
The spots are on older leaves so my guess is they are the result of some previous damage or reaction to the treatment for pests. Alcohol is great for eliminating pests but it’s also drying. Could just be a reaction to that. Are the newer leaves spot free? The spots are minimal so I’d just leave them alone. If they get bigger and bother you then you can trim them off. And trimming off old or unsightly leaves actually can help the plant redirect energy to growing and producing more leaves. Cutting too much off can set a plant back a bit but for the most part they’re pretty resilient and want to grow. It’s their purpose in life 😊
Almost half of the leaves have been cut off. πŸ₯Ί Or maybe it's exactly half of the leaves.
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When you cut a plant it promotes growth the cutting has nothing to do with the spots they are from previous Odesa most likely or pest in the past
Do you have a better picture of the spots?
I wouldn’t expect cutting off leggy pieces to cause spots. My guess is previous damage of some kind (maybe previous alcohol treatment?). Likely worth it if it saved your plant! I’d trim off the damaged leaves and maybe treat with a systemic insecticide just in case (I use Bonide granules). It looks like you have lots of healthy leaves, beautiful plant! ❀️
I feel for you @LivelyEdelweiss it has been my experience to never ignore ANY spot. It is always an indication of something. I agree with the others it may be a simple issue. Just dont brush it off as a Hmmmm. I just treated 14 for fungus and one for spider mites. I included some photos for your review of some of my fungus issues. I don't believe yours is a fungus issue, though. Those dark spots are usually rimmed in yellow when fungus is involved. Good luck, that is a beautiful plant.