Posted 4w ago by @SaintlyAlocasia

Is something eating my plant or is this normal?

#SatinPothos I noticed a few of the leaves have some tears/holes, I haven’t noticed any pests but could something be eating through these?
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
That looks like something is eating it. Do you have a preventive maintenance routine? If not, I can give you mine.
@SaintlyAlocasia my first response is to look at the simplest thing… do you have pets that could swipe or bite at it? Did someone walk past and maybe pinch the leaf or tear it? Those leaves/vines look healthy. And if you said no other pests can be seen I would look at that. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

And I am with @PlantJedi, preventative routines are a must.
Our dog can’t reach this it’s too high. I don’t have a preventative routine. That would be very helpful. Thanks
Right now I mostly just water them and fertilize once a month
@PlantJedi I would be curious about your routine. ☺️
I use this once a week

Big Leaf Energy : RTU Wellness...

Then I use this biweekly

neem oil & Peppermint...

Then I use this on a need to cure something sooner than later.

Bonide Captain Jack's neem oil,...
@SaintlyAlocasia do you monitor humidity? Because that can cause splits like that.
I don’t really but live in NYC so temperate is fairly moderate. The winter it does get quite dry tho, so perhaps@that
You definitely have a hungry something on your hands. I would recommend spraying the plant down with soap and water. (Dr.Bronners with peppermint is the best) then follow up with a neem oil spray. Repeat every 7 days for a month. You can also choose to use a systemic granular in addition to this. Some people do not care for this as it is not organic. I follow this regime as a preventative treatment with all of my plants every couple of weeks to keep pests at bay.