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it’s been approx. 2-3 weeks that i have this plant and the leaves are turning brown rapidly.. I watered it 3 to 4 times! What am I doing wrong? please help 😢
4” pot
Last watered 5 days ago
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I think it is overwatered. Pothos like their soil to be dry before their next watering. I always wait until the top 2 inches is dry but for now you can prune those badly discolored leaves
Agree with @fabiana Trim the brown leaves and let her dry a bit. I think I see little baby leaves coming in as we speak.... 🥰😊 the other leaves look good too!
@PlantEsteem I agree and if you see some stems turning black from the bottom up, I highly suggest taking it out and checking for root rot. Cut off any squishy or black roots and add fresh soil. I had to do this recently for my manjula pothos that started turning all colors of the rainbow. Luckily it’s an easy fix and your plant will start to look better soon ☺️
Is it in a pot with drainage? If not you should repot it to avoid root rot. Pothos are not heavy drinkers. I water mines maybe twice a month. The good news is they seem pretty “sturdy” and can take a little bit of abuse/neglect!… 😬😉
Maybe overwatering

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