Posted 3M ago by @ballondusoleil

Why does it keep losing leaves, blossoms & fruit?

Even with the watering schedule suggestion from the Greg app, it loses leaves, blossoms & its little fruits around the time it needs to be watered - both before or after 😭

Why can't I get a hang of caring for this plant? Is it still getting used to my space? I've had it just over a month. There was an unusually cold week of weather about two weeks ago - is it possible that affected it? I feel like this is a bad time of year to buy plants but I couldn't resist this one.
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13ft to light, indirect
5” pot with drainage
Last watered 5 days ago
I don't trust the water schedule, it's not accurate. How frequently you need to water your plants is depends on the weather as well not just the size of the pot nor the type of the pot.
@SpiffyGonolobus thanks - yes, I've been finding it's not accurate (yet?) and hit the snooze a lot of the time. Most of my plants are new to my space so I think the app is still figuring out a watering schedule.

I guess this plant makes me anxious because I don't want it to lose any blossoms or fruit - the main reasons I wanted this plant! Guess I just need to give it a bit more time to settle in... and develop some patience, lol 🙃