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Should I be worried?

My echeveria colorata is sending roots out the bottom of her pot even though I feel it's highly unlikely she's outgrown it overall. It's wider than her by about an inch all around and deeper than she is tall by about an inch as well. When I water her, I move the pot to a larger pan to drain since I'm generally watering all of my succulents at the same time, so there isn't really ever water sitting in the plastic drip tray under the pot that the roots would be seeking I don't think.

Is this pot too shallow? Does she need a deeper one? Do I just ignore the roots or do I trim them and otherwise leave everything alone?
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8” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
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This pot looks good for this plant. Yes, you can trim the roots. I do it sometimes, but before it I usually keep the soil dry, so the roots won’t be wet. Then I just trim the roots and plant the succulents back into new dry soil. I place the pot into bright (no direct sun) warm place and keep it there for about 5-7 days with no water.
@vvvelo can you help please?
@vvvelo thanks! Would it be okay to just trim off the ones that are outside the pot without taking her out of the pot entirely? Or would that not really be effective/worth it?

Also, do you have any ID guesses on the inherited succulents I posted about yesterday? I think I tagged you in a comment on the post but I can do so again or add pics of them here if that'd easier? The three non-jade plants have me stumped and so I'm not sure how to handle repotting/care since I don't know what types they are, lol.
@RelentlessZebra yes you can trim it, but make sure you keep the soil dry befor trimming the root. Also, I would recommend you to pull out plant with soil from the pot. Then remove a little bit of the soil at the bottom, and trim the root there.
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@vvvelo just did, thanks!