Posted 1M ago by @AvidItalianarum

White spots on black mondo grass

0ft to light, direct
6” pot with drainage
Last watered 1 week ago
@AvidItalianarum Hi Jerry. Welcome to Greg!

Can you provide a picture of the spots from closer? Are they clumping together in any areas? I'm thinking it may be mealy bugs, but I can't tell from a distance.

Are they physical bumps on the leaves that can be removed? (Mealies) Or are they like damage to the actual leaves, like bite marks? (Indicates other pests.)
Agree with the answer above. It looks like mealy bugs but will need more detail and a better picture. If it's mealy bugs, I just use 1/4 part alcohol 3/4 water and then rub them off with a tip or cotton ball
Jerry, those might be mealiebugs. That's what they look like from the picture. Can you wipe them off? Are they cotton-like?