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I was sick for a long time. All of my plants gave up on m...

3ft to light, direct
10” pot with drainage
Last watered 4 days ago
Slowly start watering more after soaking roots
Check the roots first. If your monstera just needed water, you should see it perk back up after a few hours. However, if root shock is the issue, expect it to take about a week to recover. For a plant that has been overwatered or overfertilized, you'll need to repot it. Keep in mind that your monstera will also need time to recover from the repotting, which means it might take a few weeks before your plant looks happy again.
With regards to your FLF, the remaining leaves still look good. I’ve had my FLF almost dying on me but as long as it sprouted new leaves albeit very very slowly, it’s still hanging in there. It’s grown taller and has sprouted a few more leaves. The best way to help your fiddle-leaf fig tree recover is to give it time and space to heal on its own. Ensure it gets indirect sunlight, water it once a week, and keep it in a warm environment with temperatures between 60 and 90 degrees. I moved my FLF around until it settled on top of my piano. Indirect lighting and watering every 11 days.
Those FLF leaves look beautiful! Increase the watering schedule slowly as was suggested. I’d add a liquid fertilizer (the kind that you can add at every watering). If the soil has become hydrophobic, which I wouldn’t think since it’s doing so well, you can always bottom and top water. **id give her a great shower on the first watering. Clean out the soil and get any dust or debris off the leaves. If you think she’s too leggy after she’s been thriving for a bit, you can cut the top off and replant to get two separate plants or notch it to get more branches.