Posted 3w ago by @GrowingGrace

Surviving…but not thriving

#BirdsNestFern Help! She just doesn’t seem happy. I just moved her from a SE facing window to a West facing window. In both spots, her leaves seem to be curling in with some small brown crunchy spots mid leaves. She also has some weird white substance on some of her inner leaves. Thoughts?
7” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 days ago
I think west sun might be too much for your fern. The sun can burn the leaves.

Also, these guys don't like to dry out much, so just make sure the soil is moist -- not super wet. (:

I'm glad you're on Greg!
Looks like mealy bugs to me. 😔 take a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol, dab those white spots off! If they turn brown and fall off on contact, it’s 100% mealy bugs.
@Vonster what do I do about mealy bugs? 🐛
@sarahsalith The window faces a covered patio so it doesn’t get direct light at all. Is west still a problem? (It’s a new spot - moved from my NE window sill (also facing a covered patio)
@Vonster is this mealy bugs?
That just looks like dirt to me. I zoomed in to look for mealies the first time and I think the leaves are just glossy.

I would keep it in the west spot- I don't think the NE spot with a porch won't get enough light.
@GrowingGrace cleaning it w rubbing alcohol like you did is always the best way!