Posted 2w ago by @MischievousMoth

#Astrophytum she has something on her what it is and how can I treat it, it's orange (the resolution photo is so bad) #succulentlove #pestcontrol #weirdplants
It looks like scale. You can pick it off with a tooth pick it pin. Keep a look out for more, though. Hopefully you caught it early.
@sarahsalith thanks 😊
scale- i don’t think this is an astrophytum tho. astros don’t have spikes :)
@strawberrymoon thanks shops got it wrong lol x
@MischievousMoth np!! at least it wasn’t the Beautiful Home Decor tag lol
@strawberrymoon do u have any idea what it may be
@MischievousMoth echinopsis? it has the same round shape as an astrophytum but with deeper ribs and spines
@strawberrymoon thanks x

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