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Unusual growth

Okay everyone. Get your thinking caps on. I have a philodendron that has had some strange growth. The first picture is a propagation that I have planted for a reference. These shoots have come up in the soil from around the pot. 7 in total. I have removed some to see what they turn into. I did think they were shoots from the mother plant They seem to have nodes but have a very different leaf structure to the mother and new baby plant. They do have a very large stem that goes very deep into the soil. Plant was repotted about 6mts ago. Any thoughts?
12” pot with drainage
Last watered 2 years ago
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that’s really strange but interesting πŸ‘€ i hear often that plant genetics are weird and sometimes unstable, maybe it’s a mutation of sorts
@strawberrymoon I honestly thought that some grass seed had got in but since it was so deep in the soil I thought that it couldn’t be that. But I could be totally wrong.
@Gordo yeah same, when i first saw the pics i thought some kind of weed got into the soil lol. kind of a wild idea but maybe the soil mix had some seeds/roots/some kind of growth point in it? bc there’s bark in there so maybe some kind of epiphyte was on it.
Did consider that but unsure of it as repot was so long ago. But it’s summer here and warm so definitely a possibility. The shoots are coming from at least 4 inches down.
@Gordo hmm i’m really confused then lmao
i’d say try growing them and see what happens! who knows lol maybe you got a really interesting plant
@strawberrymoon yeah will do, but probably my lucky it’s just some grass and I have waisted all the time and energy πŸ˜‚
Ooh it might be an orange daylily according to another app
@Hypsie thanks for that. I will look that up. 😊
Yeah, I was thinking the same thing as @strawberrymoon suggested, maybe there was some seeds in the soil already when you repotted?! Now you have some bonus mystery plants! Lol! πŸ˜†