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Another ID needed! Here they are! Greg says Hens and Chicks. Is that correct? If so, can it be narrowed down a bit?
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But it also may be Echeveria Agavoides
It’s an Echeveria Mebina, I believe
@BasilandSage Thank you! It does look very similar.
It reminds me Echeveria Pulidonis, but the color is too bright for Pulidonis.
@vvvelo It’s a real challenge to ID succulents. I’m amazed at how much you know.
@vvvelo is the KING of succulents! Don't forget to join #coffeewithsucculents (:
@TruthfulApricot thanks! Hehe 😈 I just know one succulent more than other people.🀣
@sarahsalith this is my favorite hashtag 🀣
I agree with @vvelo it looks like Echeveria Agavoides - either an 'red tips' variety, Agavoides' Chrismas'or Echeveria agavoides 'Macabeana' or Echeveria Agavoides 'Benimusume'
Here are some pics you can compare with but since there are so many Echeveria agavoides hybrids there will be slight difference depending on the breeder.

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